Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to provide the best care and service possible.

We’re ready to take that pet for a fun ride!

Unfortunately, pets can’t drive to meet their new families, but in the meantime we are here to help get them home safe and sound.

There is no method better or as safe as letting them ride in style with their own professional nanny, in cabin across the country.

Say goodbye to cargo!

Here’s what next…

After we get you reserved for a delivery, you’ll have your own nanny headed to you on the date requested.

They meet you at your nearest major airport, and their journey begins before arriving at the receiver’s airport to meet their new family!

The pet never leaves the nannies side from the time they meet the sender with pet until the time they have to say goodbye, that’s the hardest part!


US rates are $500-550USD* for all US states excluding Hawaii for major/international airports. We have nannies ready to go as early as next day to a month out. Contact us for more information via our Facebook page or email us.

*Puerto Rico and Alaska are also available ranging within $750-850USD.

**20 lb.  airline policy weight limit for in cabin pets.


Most frequent questions and answers
Professional nannies transport pets in cabin only and are by the pet’s side from start to finish. To abide airline policies, pet’s must not exceed 20 lbs in cabin and able to fit in a soft sided airline approved carrier.

We meet both sender and receiver at their closest major airport, making it a smooth and quick process for everyone, especially the pet to minimize it’s travel time.
Most deliveries within the United States are $500-550. That includes everything with no hidden costs or additional fees. Once we finalize a reservation, the price will not change.
These are rates based on major/international airports being available on each end.
Currently at this time major/international airports are the only ones we can provide guaranteed success for during COVID-19 due to limited routes available offered by all major airline carriers. Flexible date range helps as well.
We currently are only delivering within the 50* US States while we observe and monitor travel restrictions. We will be resuming international delivery in the near future, stay tuned!

*Alaska and Puerto Rico are higher priced and average $750-850USD.
Domesticated breeds of cats and dogs currently, subject to change but varies on airline policies.
Pet(s) must be able to fit in an airline approved soft-sided carrier and airline policies have a weight limit of nothing heavier than 20 lbs for in cabin travel. The only exceptions are service or ESA certified animals.
A maximum of two can travel together in the same carrier if both pets fit comfortably and do not exceed the 20 lb. weight limit. If they don’t fit or are above, two or more nannies can be assigned as needed.