Frequently Asked Questions

Pet Jet Pals has the best professional, experienced and vetted nannies in the air transport business. We transport pets in cabin only in an airline approved, soft sided carrier. Nannies never leave your pet and your pet is never put in cargo with baggage.

We meet both sender and receiver at their closest major airport.

Watch our How It Works Video at the top of the FAQ page! We handle all the details.

Most deliveries within the United States are $450-650. That includes everything with no hidden costs or additional fees. Once we finalize a reservation, the price will not change.

Major/international airports are the best to fly stand by on because there are more options for flights. Flexible date range helps as well. We can do some regional airports if they are listed under the airport codes link.

We currently service:

*All US States, with the exception of Hawaii.
*Alaska (ANC)
*Mexico (MEX) 
*Puerto Rico (SJU)
*Paris, France (CDG)

We can do some other international airports as well. Please send a request.

Not currently servicing Canada. Subject to change.

*Domesticated breeds of cats and dogs

*Guinea pigs
*Animal Semen

If your pet fits in a carrier, please send us a message to see if we can help!

Pets must be able to fit in an airline approved soft-sided carrier. We can do pets up to 20 pounds.
We do not need a vet health certificate unless flying out of the US. We just need something showing the pet’s date of birth 

For 21-25 pounds, please send us a message!

A maximum of two can travel together in the same carrier if both pets fit comfortably and do not exceed the 20 lb. weight limit. If you have 3+ pets, 2 or more nannies can be assigned to go all together.

Accordion Content

Yes! Although paid seating is twice as expensive. Inquire for more info. 

We will try for the next available flights that day or reschedule within the next day or two, depending on everyone’s availability

We try to charge breeders a set deposit once we have worked with them a few times. It depends on the airports and other factors. 

Buyer or breeder can pay the remainder in cash at the airport.

We accept:

~ PayPal

~ Cash app

~ Debit or credit cards also accepted on our website for deposits only under the pay deposit link



Either the buyer or breeder can arrange the flight.

*Online form via our website 

*Facebook messenger

[email protected]